Alpha by Audion

So Matthew Dear has out a new LP under his Audion Moniker….a Techno Grabbag which is pretty strong throughout albeit aimed at the DJ . Favourite tracks: Gut Man Cometh, There was a Button, Napkin.


ASC The Farthest Reaches

James Clement of ASC with a Techno Ambient release is beautifully tensioned between the hard edge of good techno and  deep soundscapes of ambient.

IDM 22 Years old this month

Phil Sherburne writing in Pitchfork on the style IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), with a nice list of classic IDM albums at the end;

The very idea of dividing music between its “intelligent” and “unintelligent” forms seems, frankly, pretty backwards. But it becomes easier to swallow the goofy name if you considerWarp‘s pivotal Artificial Intelligence compilation, which the IDM list creator Brian Behlendorf cited as an inspiration for the forum. I’ve always liked to think of IDM along those lines—as an imaginary music of sentient machines.